Anxiety Falls

Flowers weep and leaves fall
As the sky crumbles and trees shrink small

Darkness descends on all who awake
As the ground cracks in two and the earth begins to shake

Swarms of despair like blue bottle flies
As hell below earth, upwards rise

Smoke filled lungs burn inside out
The world is ending, there is no doubt

Stars collide and lights flicker
the smog haze just got that little bit thicker

Acid tears mirror the sky
As teardrops and raindrops, in unison, cry

A rainbow awakens a spirit inside
As demons and ghosts fall by the wayside

Fire fades and the storm subsides
As hope blossoms and anxiety hides

Sunlight streams from the window above
Filling the room with a wave of calm and love

Close your eyes and count to ten
Your mind will not win against you, not again


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