I am the darkness of the night,
The daughter of the mountains.

I am from a water spring,
Ruler of the earth.

I am triumphant,
A flame-coloured siren of the night.

I am thunder,
The moon and the sky.

I am the sun,
The goddess of the sea.

I am queen of the underworld,
Living and alive.
I am a poltergeist,
Of nightmare formation.

I am the personification of the sea,
From a water spring.

I am a blazing star,
In the undead solar system.

I am a violent supernova,
From your wildest dreams.

I am of privileged birth,
From the dawn.

I am guardian of the gods,
Wholesome, calm and kind.

I am the moon and magic incarnate,
A dream god.

I am Mania,
The goddess of insanity and the dead.

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