Forfeited Happiness

It was the sea sirens melody

Enchanting and clear

That reduce me to dust

As her eyes filled with tears

A bewitching song

Carried across the waves

Such mellifluous death

As we’re led to our graves

Irresistibly sweet

Such dulcet tones

Lulled to a trance

Rags amidst bones

False promises

Permeating the air

Appeal to the spirit

Bewitched by her hair

Symphonious voices

Over windless calm

Mourning Persephone;

A grief-stricken psalm

Wings from a Goddess

To protect and serve

Negligence cursed

Her memory preserved

Choir of death

From seagirt meadow

Bewitching song

Euphonious tornado

Mythical muses

Of the underworld

Monstrous sea-nymphs

Wings unfurled

Dangerous maids

On the rocky coast

Harmonies beguile

An island of ghosts


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