Discovering that the butterflies have fled their nest,

Finding a new stomach, in which to rest.

A swirling vortex has since replaced,

Pulsating and overtaking any available space.

Misty eyes and a smog-filled brain,

Struggles to comprehend the source of this pain.

Palpitations, and a shaking hand,

Disguised as a smile, as you take a stand,

Against the raging tornado, turbulent within,

Fragmenting bones with an eternity of sin.

Splinters of soul convulse and shatter,

As your mind hits detonate and your skull begins to fracture.

A fire rages on, in your heart,

Each breath, snatched, feels like your last.

It’s a clouded world; a whirlpool of emotion,

Who can live in such a commotion?

Where is the calm, peace and serenity?

Is there a Heaven or an overall Deity?

Who will protect us from ourselves,

When noxious gases flood our world?

If one body can hold hurricanes within,

Where do we even look to begin?


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