Shroud my eyes from clouded sleep,
Society’s bullet at my feet.
Normality fulfilling momentary desires,
Guardians of reality – perpetual liars.
Veil of emotional deception,
Social starvation is their weapon.
Stagnated apathy from an idealistic state,
Sea of dreams,  dissipate.
Stairway to Heaven, quick slope to Hell,
Losing friends to the poison swell.
Rumbling earthquake, echoes within,
Manufacturing conformity – unifying sin.
A colourless world on a stormy night,
Shameless dreamer, craves daylight.
Social manipulation personified,
Axiomatic truths, amplified.
The illusion of sanity still exists,
As minds drown in morning mist.
Deviation of the non-existent,
Tidal wave of the resistance.
Placing limitations on insanity,
Only corrupts our humanity.


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