Curious Shadows of an origami heart,
Prisoners of the mind, fighting the dark.
Wildfire rages from deep within,
A gothic tale etched on skin.

Promises bound around my tongue,
Whispering secrets, now unsung.
Prey of the cobra in my throat,
Capturing thoughts, depleting hope. 

Scarlet serpent within my veins,
Constricting the soul with venomous chains.
Mountains roar and fires ignite,
Mourning ghosts lost to the night.

Haunted chambers within a skeletal frame,
Drawing from the poisoned well of shame.
Shadows conceal a cage of bones,
The mind, a furnace of the unknown.

Frozen angels wander alone,
Fractured wings onto sallow backs, sewn.
Shattered glass softened by sweet rainfall,
Hopes silver thread embroiders all.


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