The Dark Passenger

It’s a mottled grey day,

Presenting a thundercloud bouquet.

Sapping strength from bones,

The dark passenger moans.

Lightening reverberates around my skull,

Despondent heart, ever dull.

Electric currents pass through my brain,

A violent storm takes the reins.

As powerful as the crystal night sky,

Devil inside, deceives with lies.

Head on fire, flames in my brain,

Lava pulsating through my veins.

Persistent voices cloud rumination,

Catcalls of thunder increase aggravation.

Unrelenting shadows in my mind,

Burst forth, unexpected, and petrify.

Dragons soar and sacrifice,

Shroud of thistles, given life.

Crown of thorns worn by the resistance,

Against living a life of evaporated existence.


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