Frothy milk clouds on a coffee liqueur sky
I sit and wonder how the bluebirds fly
Wings embroidered with such precision
Soft feathered kisses silently christen

Milky moonlight rests on the shore
Waves wander, craving more
Stars devoted, an ocean away
Wind whistles melody for the ballet

Burning embers of an eternal fire
Bluebird thrives on love and desire
Dance in the dark, whisper in the night
Soulful glances stolen at first light

Walking on a misty morning
Away I hear the bluebird calling
Daffodils share our stolen moment
Beauty engraved in stone, frozen

Captivated by a beautiful disaster
Voiceless tears, looking for an answer
Soul trapped within burning stars
Curiosity stirs internal forest fires

Melting the snowflake cage of my fragile heart
Dearest temptation of a soul pulled apart
Captive secrets exude vulnerability
Salvation comes from shared serenity

The bluebirds song remains the same
Time suspended, fascination claimed
Written in stars, spirit of carnal obsession
A song of patience and secret confession


Mystery of maps navigating my mind
Birdsong echoes and leaves behind
Heaven reflected in wild eyes
Melodious whispers of quiet allies

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