Canyon Calling

Frayed fragile fingertips
Trace ragged, weeping lips
Teetering on the edge of a ravine
Icy streams where veins have been
Roaring thunder dominates clear hearing
Wolves howling condolences, agonising
Drowning in a sea of anxiety
Eyes haunted by today’s society
Pulse as heavy as ice cold hail
Vibrating through bones threatening to fail
Acid stomach of dread dissolving hope

Storm as complex as a kaleidoscope

Trapped beneath gravel rain

Skin, soaked in nervous pain
Throat constricts as vipers attack
Hurricane inside reaches it’s climax
Dandelion seeds with feathered wings
Quell the panic tornadoes bring
Rivers in palms fade to streams
Lost island inside, not as it seems

Shallow breaths flutter to the ground
Softly rest without a sound
Weather the storm and fight inside
These canyon callings keep you alive

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