Internal Fire

Casting shadows at eventide
Songbird of the crimson sky
Ethereal guardian of twilight
Whistling champagne lullaby’s
Silver embroiders endless skies
Listen to the sea’s symphony
Molten sapphire reflecting pearly mist
Phoenix sings sweet harmony
Moonlight softly dances
On frosted arctic feathers
Overcome with radiance
Treasured nights together
Embracing quiet darkness
With a celestial smile

Endless indigo skies

Wait, enchanted, awhile

Wonders of the sky
Contained within a star

Silver flame quivers
Shadowed by midnight flower

Clouds of quiet evening
Against a sepia sky

Illuminated by immortality
Entranced by velvet cries
Lunar falls over enchanted ivy
Treasured nights softly rest
On delicate crimson feathers
Darkness descends on the blessed
Heather on fire through autumn mists
Igniting a lilac field
Fallen feathers magnify
Mountain ash reveals
Lavender blossom and auburn leaves
Midnight iris glazed in dew
An undiscovered forest floor
Perceived by only you

Frosted dawn unearths a secret lagoon
Bird of Fire unveils eternal sunrise

A twist of romance in the mind

Revives my forgotten paradise


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