Her mind is a maze with no map for navigation
Cobwebbed corners void of reconciliation

Midnight memories weaved into stories
Intricate lies, crocheted for the glory

Carefully constructed tales entice
A mulberry heart, as sacrifice
Etched in clouds, black goddess of night
Eye of the ocean, lost in daylight

Fantasy narrated with the utmost conviction
An intimate duet, harmonised with addiction
Ribbons of silk, the fabric of enchantment
The soul seeker’s poison; melodic excitement

Composed from the storm of a cinnamon sky
Snowflakes, like pearls, glisten in her eyes
Moonlight struck by a sweet eclipse
Fallen star – new victim of apocalypse

Midsummer memoir of a butterfly’s heart
Frosted roses hidden in the dark
A blue-pearl lake of velvet tears
The oracle lies to disguise her fear


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