The Bride

An ethereal heart of enchanted evil

Contentless soul of the alluring devil

Saurian eyes of arctic ice blue

Ghostly cold as the winter’s moon


A quiet magic haunts the bitter cursed earth

Demonic power of the brides’ rebirth

Madness descending, mesmerising

Under a bruised-blue sky, fragility colliding


Skeleton trees dance like faerie-fire

Sipping teacup poison of malignant desire

Hypnotic spell of mortality broken

Glowing mist of innocence and devotion


Malevolent symphony of the dawn chorus

Empty dreams shattered by the delicate sorceress

A blazing hatred, scorched with odium

Enthralling beauty, vengeance overcome


Mystery shrouds the phantom of the night

Hollow darkness consumes all visible light

A silent threat hosting smouldering secrets

Haunts midnight gloom infused with regret


Porcelain skin swallows all astral fascination

Abandoned dreams condemned to damnation

Detonated thunder against the deathly quiet

The pythoness feeds off the meek and compliant


Galaxy of stars reduced to cinders

Decaying air shadowed by winter

Beautiful bride compelling and fair

Gateway to hell, her real love affair


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