Gemini Twin

Dessert dunes under sore eyes

A silky blue sheen intensifies

Freshwater pearls flicker with fire

A salt-lake cloak, her new attire


Mystical elegance of aqua green hue

A lagoon in the paradise of the confused

An oceanic theme drowns milky skin

Sunsets and lakesides of the Gemini twin


Majestic flair of white water rapids

Extraordinary opulence of tears, like acid

Mossy green depths of enchanted pools

Despite grace and unity, still she falls


Frosted ice radiates beneath the earth

A forest in moonlight hears her rebirth

Fire amber wings of cognac splendor

Mesmerising curves are her defender


Delicately coiled, hidden from view

Wondrous energy radiates through

Evaporating glistening raindrops from clouds

Invisible wings, an incandescent shroud


Smoky coolness of delicate simplicity

Woodland essence of beautiful symmetry

Fire and ice of the Gemini twin

Elemental conflict now begins


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